Equifax Class Action Complaint

Amadick, et al, v. Equifax Information Services LLC, U. S. Dist. Ct. (D. Minn.) Case Number: 0:17-cv-04196 PAM/LIB

Case Number 0:17-cv-04196 PAM/LIB

We are lead counsel in Amadick et al v. Equifax, U.S. District Court (D. Minn.) Case Number 0:17-cv-04196 PAM/LIB. You may be a member of the putative class at such time as the Court certifies a class action. However, at this time, our firm does not represent you unless you have a signed retainer agreement with our firm.

The case is at a very early stage, and there will not be substantive information available for some time. However, if you believe that you have been affected by the data breach, we recommend you obtain a free copy of your credit report via the annualcreditreport.com website, or by printing and mailing the form from this link:


You should review your credit report carefully to ensure it is complete, accurate and up to date. If you find inaccurate information, you should mail a letter to the applicable credit reporting agency using the dispute form attached to your credit report. Keep copies of all of correspondence. If you cannot get inaccurate information corrected, you can contact us about next steps.