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Asserting your warranty rights in Minnesota

Buying a product in Minnesota, especially one of considerable value, always carries some risks. You can never ensure the quality of the product that you acquire before purchase. Therefore, it is important that you make sure any product of value is covered by a warranty so that you are protected in the event of a fault in the product becoming apparent. You should be sure that you are aware of the rights you have as a consumer.

In addition, it is a good idea to verify the type of warranty you will receive before you continue with any purchase. Not all warranties are equal, and the small print will usually reveal what your legal rights are.

What is the difference between express and implied warranties?

People are often confused about the terminology when it comes to warranties. In most cases, a consumer warranty fits into the implied warranty category. This means that the product is guaranteed to function as described, and if it does not fulfill its marketing claims, the consumer has the right to return the product at a full refund.

An express warranty, on the other hand, is much more informal and could even take a verbal form. It means that the product should meet a certain quality, and if it does not, the product should be fixed or replaced. This could be a situation where a luxury handbag manufacturer states on the marketing material that a bag "will last five years." Although there has not been any mention of a guarantee or warranty, if the bag breaks in the first year, the manufacturer has a legal responsibility to fix or replace the bag.

What makes a warranty void?

If the purchased product is misused in some way, the warranty could become void. A warranty becoming void is subject to the exact terms of the warranty, therefore it is important that you read the small print. Warranties are usually limited, so manufacturers are not always required to fix or replace a broken item.

If you believe that your warranty rights have been violated, it is important to research the matter and to take appropriate action.

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