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Asserting your warranty rights in Minnesota

Buying a product in Minnesota, especially one of considerable value, always carries some risks. You can never ensure the quality of the product that you acquire before purchase. Therefore, it is important that you make sure any product of value is covered by a warranty so that you are protected in the event of a fault in the product becoming apparent. You should be sure that you are aware of the rights you have as a consumer.

Was my Minnesota car wrongfully repossessed?

There is little more disheartening than finding out that your car has been repossessed. It is likely that you count on your car for getting to work every day, going grocery shopping, and going out to meet friends. When your car is taken away from you, so is your freedom, and you will feel powerless to change that.

Are abusive collection agents breaking the law when they call?

Falling behind on payments can happen for all kinds of reasons. Maybe you got hit really badly with this season's flu and ended up missing work well beyond what your paid leave covers. Perhaps you experienced an accident that resulted in massive medical bills, missed work and collections attempts. Sometimes, it's as simple as making too many purchases and no longer having the ability to pay off your line of credit each month.

Mistakes on your credit report can cost you more than a loan

Individual credit reports are used for more purposes today than they were only a few decades ago. Credit reports at one time only had an impact on banking and the ability to obtain credit, such as a mortgage, a vehicle loan, a credit card or a personal loan. A poor score or several negative marks, such as delinquent accounts or judgments, were a sign to lenders that the person in question may not repay credit in a timely manner.

An inaccurate background check could cost you a job or worse

For those who have never gotten convicted of a felony, the question on a job or rental application asking about criminal background checks rarely gets a second glance. These people assume that the background check won't pose any issue to securing a new home. Unfortunately, mistakes in background check reports and overzealous data collection on the part of companies that provide background checks could end up causing problems.

What can you do about false information on your background check?

Getting a job has never been more complicated than it is now. Potential employers want to review your credit, your work history, your social media pages and even your criminal background. In addition to a resume, cover letter, references from professional acquaintances and former bosses and a drug test, your entire recorded history will likely get carefully checked.

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