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Examples of corporate negligence

Many civil cases revolve around the idea of corporate negligence. For this to be proven, it must first be shown that the company in question actually did owe a specific duty to the individual or individuals starting the suit. It then has to be shown that the duty was breached through negligence. Beyond that, the breach must then have caused some sort of harm to the other party.

Cribs and child seats that might be a danger to your child

Many products have been available to the public before it was realized that they pose a health risk to young children. Amid these findings, dangerous products are routinely subject to recalls and those affected by the danger often engage in class action lawsuits.

How to make a legal claim for food poisoning

Getting food poisoning is an all-too-common ailment that is caused by eating contaminated food of some sort. Food poisoning can occur due to eating undercooked meat or by consuming contaminated food, for example. It can be very difficult to determine the exact cause of food poisoning because the initial symptoms may occur days after the consumption of the food.

How is a manufacturing defect different from a design defect?

Products are often the cause of harm to a person, even after they have gone through all of the necessary quality checks that are mandatory before they end up on the shelves. When this happens, the injury that incurs can often be serious. This is especially true when a young child has been injured by a toy, for example, or when an electrical product has a fault. Many people decide to exercise their right to file a claim to recoup damages in this situation. If this is the case, the question must be asked: Was it a design defect or a manufacturing defect?

What to do when you've been injured by a faulty car

Most often when a person has been involved in a car accident, if there is a case, it will be a negligence claim aimed at another driver. However, sometimes, there is no person at the scene at fault, because the accident might have been caused by a car defect. In this case, you must prove that a vehicle manufacturer or seller was liable for a faulty product, and that the particular fault directly caused the crash.

Mass tort litigation: How does it work?

When there is a large group of plaintiffs that was similarly harmed -- perhaps due to toxic exposure in a Minnesota neighborhood, or due to an investment fraud scheme perpetrated by a big bank -- a class action lawsuit was the traditional way to seek financial compensation for the victims. In recent decades, however, the mass tort litigation strategy proved to be an excellent strategy to try to get more money for the victims than would be possible otherwise.

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