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You shouldn't excuse a lender who wrongfully repossesses your car

If you rely on your car to get to and fro, then it may be an absolute nightmare to think of the prospect of not having access to it. This is what motivates many consumers to continue making timely loan payments. What if you were consistent in making loan payments, but your car was still repossessed though? While this may seem implausible, it does happen.

Why does wrongful repossession happen?

When an asset gets repossessed, it's stressful enough even if you understand why it's happening. If you don't make your mortgage payments and they start to foreclose on your house, you know why you reached this point, but it still puts incredible pressure on you and your family. You can imagine how much worse this is when you have no idea why they're trying to repossess the asset in the first place.

What's being done to minimize wrongful repossessions?

Software and app developers have been hard at work during the past few years developing mobile technology aimed at curbing wrongful repossession (repo) rates of vehicles. One of the standout programs that has emerged from all of their hard work is a mobile platform that allows lenders to relay the latest loan default data to repossession agents.

Did the repo man breach the peace when taking your car? Act now

There are plenty of law-abiding people working in the repossession business -- and there are also quite a few who act like every repossession is a game they're determined to win. Some of those repo agents are definitely not above breaching the peace to get at your car.

How can people fight repossession of property or homes?

We should only buy things we can afford, but that doesn't stop us from making some bad financial decisions. In many cases, people make all the right choices and circumstances still keep them from financial success. Although creditors often have the right to reclaim what they are owed, they must follow specific rules regarding repossession.

Why was my car wrongfully repossessed and what can I do about it?

Many of us have come to rely on using our car to get our kids to school, to work, to the store or anywhere else we may need to go. While it may be inconvenient if it happens, it's understandable if our car gets repossessed because we fall behind in making payments on it. What can be extremely frustrating though is if it gets picked up by the repo man in error.

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