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Why are the elderly common fraud targets?

The elderly are often targeted with scams and fraud. In fact, a study carried out by MetLife looked at the numbers from 2010 and found that those over the age of 59 lost a total of $2.9 billion that year alone. On top of that, the Federal Trade Commission looked at telemarketing scams and discovered that 80 percent of them were aimed at people over 60. Why is this?

Ads have to be true in all forms, from TV to print

Have you ever seen a convincing commercial and then thought that it had to be too good to be true? Well, if you're right, the advertiser could be in a fair amount of trouble. Legally speaking, the Federal Trade Commission demands that all ads, no matter what products they're for or what industry they're used in, be accurate and true. The law goes on to say that ads can't be deliberately misleading, noting that backing up the ads with scientific evidence is a good idea when such a thing is possible.

Consumer fraud often involves fake organizations

In a lot of consumer fraud cases, those who commit fraud simply try to find something that they know people care strongly about. They'll then invent fake organizations and try to get people to give them money, all with the intent of disappearing with the cash when all is said and done.

How much do you know about the Fair Credit Reporting Act? - II

In our last post, we began discussing how consumers should never assume that the financial entities able to wield considerable authority over their everyday purchasing powers are somehow beyond reproach or that they have no recourse in the event these entities harm their interests.

How much do you know about the Fair Credit Reporting Act?

When it comes to financial entities like credit bureaus, most consumers are well aware of their existence and understand that the information held in their files can make a dramatic difference in their everyday lives, affecting everything from their ability to purchase a car or secure a loan.

What could lead to false background check information?

After filling out the application and anxiously waiting, you finally received the notification: "You have been approved for an apartment lease pending a background check." You are a good person with no criminal or financial history that would disqualify you from otherwise obtaining the lease.

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