How to make a legal claim for food poisoning

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Getting food poisoning is an all-too-common ailment that is caused by eating contaminated food of some sort. Food poisoning can occur due to eating undercooked meat or by consuming contaminated food, for example. It can be very difficult to determine the exact cause of food poisoning because the initial symptoms may occur days after the consumption of the food.

When affected by this illness, there can be serious, even life-threatening consequences. Therefore, many people want to make claims against the restaurant, bar or supermarket that they believe was responsible for their illness.

What can people do when they want to make a legal claim for food poisoning?

Customers have a right to sue for a faulty product, and this “faulty product” can be referred to as prepared food that has been produced for consumption within a certain defined timeline. This might be the case of a restaurant serving food that caused food poisoning, or a precooked food made for consumption within a certain amount of days that caused food poisoning. It could also be a supermarket that sold spoiled food.

How can a person prove liability?

The difficult aspect to claiming food poisoning liability is in finding proof. It can be difficult to show that the business that provided you with food was responsible for the illness that you suffered. Some ways that you can make your case stronger is by showing that others who were at the restaurant with you also suffered food poisoning, or by showing that you only ate at the establishment for a number of days. It is important to give all details of your case when establishing a food poisoning claim.

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