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Class Action Claims For Consumer Rights Violations

If you are one of many people who have been treated unjustly by a financial institution or agency and feel that your complaint would be best resolved in a courtroom, our skilled class action law firm has the experience, expertise and reputation for results that can help.

Tommy Lyons of the Consumer Justice Center is a Minnesota lawyer who is dedicated to achieving justice for private individuals and business owners, defrauded consumers, employees and investors pursuing class action lawsuits to right the wrongs committed against them in the marketplace. We represent clients throughout Minnesota, Wisconsin and the Upper Midwest.

At the CJC, our goal is dedication to justice and social responsibility. We want our commitment to that justice to result in ethical business practices, safe consumer products, fair competition, protection of the environment and support for our clients’ civil rights. This dedication has been part of our law office’s tradition since 1996.

The Advantages Of A Class Action Claim

A class action lawsuit permits one person or many to sue on behalf of hundreds or thousands of people who share a similar complaint against a private corporation or government entity. This kind of legal action can be a powerful tool for enforcement of laws against large companies and public agencies.

The decision to pursue a class action lawsuit is not to be taken lightly. During your free initial consultation, Tommy Lyons and the CJC will arm you with the legal advice you need.

Everyone deserves access to quality representation. At the CJC, we work on a contingency fee basis, which means you owe no attorney fees or costs unless we win your case and help collect a settlement damage award that you approve.

Wondering If A Class Action Is Right For You? Ask Us!

Do you have questions about whether a class action lawsuit is necessary? To arrange a free consultation with experienced Minnesota class action lawsuit attorney Tommy Lyons and the Consumer Justice Center, contact us toll-free – 800-556-6752. You can also contact us with an email message from wherever you are in the Upper Midwest or nationwide.