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Real Help For Victims Of Identity Theft

If someone has stolen your personal information or assumed your identity to make store or online purchases or gain some financial advantage, you can suffer tremendous inconvenience for months or even years.

To get your credit back on track, you need quality legal representation in your corner that will aggressively protect your rights. We provide that advocacy every day at the Consumer Justice Center – serving consumer clients in Minnesota, Wisconsin and throughout the Upper Midwest.

We Can Help You Restore Your Credit And Your Good Name

Attorney Tommy Lyons will use his experience, legal knowledge and personal service to work proactively, restore your credit rating and pursue damages for a credit agency’s inaction when your identity is stolen. He is a dedicated consumer protection lawyer who can skillfully defend you against any kind of consumer fraud, invasion of privacy or fair credit reporting matter.

Identity theft is one of the fastest-growing crimes in the U.S. and the most popular category of consumer fraud, according to the Federal Trade Commission. Identity thieves can open accounts in your name, make purchases using your good credit – and make your life miserable. They have invoices sent to phony addresses, so you may not discover the crime that victimized you for years – and when you do, you are left with a mountain of fraudulent debt.

When identity theft interrupts your life, you can trust the innovative services and determined dedication of the Consumer Justice Center to offer your best chance for positive results.

How Identity Thieves Work

Identity thieves have been known to fool unsuspecting people into giving out personal data. They include dishonest workers who have access to sensitive information and sophisticated, tech-savvy criminals who steal Social Security numbers or credit card numbers and sell them.

It could also be the case that your identity thief is someone close to you: someone with urgent financial problems, a former spouse, an ex-girlfriend or boyfriend or simply a “friend.” And considering the extensive number of transactions conducted internationally over the internet, fraud has become a common occurrence. Virtually anyone could risk being a victim of fraud, credit card fraud, false impersonation or ID theft.

At the Consumer Justice Center, we provide consumers locally in Minnesota and Wisconsin, and nationally with aggressive and personalized representation. We will work hard to free you of the tyranny of identity theft and bring the responsible party to justice for his or her offenses.

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