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In Minnesota, regionally and nationally, Tommy Lyons of the Consumer Justice Center is the experienced lawyer who can help you with many credit issues caused by an inaccurate credit reportidentity theft or invasion of privacy.

Common Privacy Breaches

Invasion of privacy takes several forms. Whether deliberate or inadvertent, these breaches can significantly impact your life. Common privacy breaches include:

Driver’s Privacy Protection Ac
– Your Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) records contain detailed information about you, including your address and birthday. The DPPA was created to protect that information from being disclosed or used improperly.

Electronic Funds Transfer Act
– The EFTA was created to provide protection to consumers who use debit cards, credit cards, wire transfers and other electronic means to transfer money. We hold companies accountable for unauthorized withdrawals of money under the EFTA.

Fair Credit Reporting Act
– Your credit report contains valuable details of your personal life and financial dealings. It may not be disclosed to anyone without your permission. The FCRA was enacted to ensure that you have legal protection from unlawful disclosures and the damage they could cause.

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One common form of invasion of privacy has to do with credit card receipts. Businesses are legally prevented from printing your expiration date or more than the last five digits of your credit card number on credit card receipts. A merchant’s failure to abide by this law means you may be entitled to substantial statutory damages.

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