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Fighting Wrongful Repossessions

Was your vehicle taken without notice? Do you suspect that you were a victim of wrongful repossession? You have options.

If a lender or “repo” company has violated your rights by wrongfully repossessing your motor vehicle, contact attorney Tommy Lyons of the Consumer Justice Center. Protecting people from abusive debt collectors is our business.

When Is Repossession Illegal?

Lenders who regularly accept late payments on a car or truck are typically unable to repossess it without advance written notice. Nor can they “breach the peace” during a repossession – entering your home or garage without your consent and/or acting in a threatening manner. The Consumer Justice Center will act aggressively to safeguard your interests when you are targeted for any attempt at illegal repossession.

The CJC was founded in 1996 to serve consumer clients throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin as well as nationally. We believe that each person or group of clients deserves personalized attention to detail along with skilled and innovative legal services with a high standard of reliability. Our reputation for results is proof of that commitment.

Were you a victim of wrongful repossession? Contact the CJC today to arrange a free initial consultation. We deliver quality, client-focused legal services on a strict contingency fee basis – you owe no attorney fees or costs unless we win your case.

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Repossession of a motor vehicle robs you of your mobility and your ability to get to your job, so you can help provide for your family. Your credit rating could also suffer after a repossession.

A lender’s failure to follow the rules of repossession can leave it and a repo company liable for damages that cover the vehicle’s value and any costs related to the action. The CJC will listen to your version of what happened and conduct an in-depth investigation that reveals whether your rights have been violated.

Get The Consumer Justice Center On Your Side

If a repo company agent has broken the law while repossessing your car, truck, SUV, boat or motorcycle, you can fight back by suing to collect damages – and the Consumer Justice Center will fight for you.

Minnesota wrongful repossessions attorney Tommy Lyons offers free initial consultations to clients whose motor vehicles have been illegally confiscated. Call the Consumer Justice Center toll-free at 800-556-6752 or reach us with an email. We can help.