Taking action as a victim of auto dealer fraud

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When purchasing any type of item, you run some risk of being victim to fraud or dishonesty. However, the more expensive the item, the more there is to lose. When you are a victim of auto dealer fraud, there is also the added factor of compromised safety that may affect you.

Auto dealer fraud can come in many different forms, but it is essentially defined as the unlawful or deceptive practices that are exercised by car dealers. This could be deceptive marketing that is distributed by an otherwise reputable car dealer, or it could be a situation where a dealer has altered the state of the car in order to be able to deceptively sell it at a higher price.

What kinds of deceptive practices do car dealers employ?

One of the most notorious tactics that fraudulent auto dealers use is the “mileage rollback”. This occurs through manipulating the odometer, the device that indicates the number of miles a car has driven. Fraudulent dealers alter this so that the car appears to have driven less miles; therefore, being eligible for a higher sale price.

Another common form of fraudulent sales activity is when a dealership markets a car at an extremely low price in order to lure in potential buyers. They then use aggressive sales tactics to encourage the customer to buy a different, higher-priced vehicle.

If you have been a victim of fraudulent auto dealership activity, you should make sure that you are aware of your rights and make sure that no unlawful activity goes unpunished. You may even be able to win back compensation.

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