The law on deceptive trade practice in Minnesota

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As a consumer, you are subject to a large amount of information distributed by traders every day. This is true for when you drive past billboards, walk into a store and view certain deals, and get advice from car dealerships, for example. While most of this information is trustworthy, some companies do engage in deceptive trade practices.

Deceptive trade practice in the state of Minnesota is unlawful, and there are many protections in place for consumers who have been affected by this. If you believe that you have been affected by deceptive trade practices, it is important that you take action and stand up for your rights.

The Minnesota Antitrust Law

The Minnesota Antitrust Law was created in 1971 to criminalize certain actions in relation to trading practices. This means that traders now can be prosecuted for displaying misleading information in regard to the quality of products and the materials within it. In addition, it is unlawful to sell products below their cost, especially more controversial products such as cigarettes. In the state of Minnesota, false advertising is forbidden in all forms.

Is auto odometer tampering forbidden in the state of Minnesota?

Auto odometer tampering in Florida is forbidden, therefore a consumer can bring issues relating to this to the court. Usually this act is charged as a gross misdemeanor and damages are awarded.

If you believe that you have become victim to deceptive trade practices in the state of Minnesota, it is important that you research all relevant aspects of the law before taking action to claim damages.

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