Misleading advertising and Social Security

On Behalf of | Oct 12, 2018 | Consumer Fraud

We interact with advertising every day, on billboards, in magazines and online. It is important that this advertising is truthful in nature and does not mislead its readers. There are laws in place in order to protect people from misleading advertising; therefore, it is important that you take the time to understand your rights if you believe you have fallen victim to misleading advertising.

Some misleading advertising tries to spark fear in you so that you will take action without thorough thought. Many companies, in particular, try to offer you the services that you pay for, when, in fact, they are available for free when you get in touch with Social Security.

What kind of services are commonly offered through misleading advertising?

It is an increasing occurrence that companies try to convince consumers of the cons of gaining the help of Social Security. In doing this, they are attempting to manipulate the consumer and convince them that they should lose faith in Social Security, and instead, they should pay for services using a private company that charge a fee.

These services might include things such as gaining a Social Security number for a new child or replacing a lost Social Security card. It could also include updating a Social Security card to reflect your last name.

If you have been misled by advertisements about offering Social Security service at a cost, it is important to take action. You may be able to file a successful legal claim against the company in question in the state of Minnesota under the Social Security Act.

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