When your background check contains incorrect information

Depending on the type of job you’re applying for in Minnesota, you might have to undergo a background check. Receiving incorrect information on the check can be jarring. These tips can help you deal with such a situation.

What are the most common mistakes found in background checks?

Sometimes, information that comes back on a background check is false. If this happens to you, you have a right to dispute the errors by reporting them to the employment agency or background check company that produced them. Certain errors are common in background checks that could impact your ability to secure a job as well as housing or credit. They include the following:

• A criminal record when you’ve never committed a crime or been accused of committing one

• Someone else’s information appearing due to mistaken identity

• Outdated information that should no longer be reported

What to do if there are errors on your background check

If a prospective employer reports back to you that there are things on your background check that you know are incorrect, you have the right to dispute them. Per federal law, you are permitted to obtain a copy of the report.

Once you get your copy, check it thoroughly to find the errors. It’s common to be mistaken for another person whose name is identical or very similar to yours.

You can dispute the errors in your background check online, through regular mail or by phone. If you choose the mail option, make copies of the report and any documents that show there’s incorrect information in your report. Keep the originals for your own records.

It could take several weeks for incorrect information to be removed from a background check. Unfortunately, you might miss out on a job opportunity while waiting.

Taking action when incorrect information appears on your background check is crucial for your future.

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