Can you sue abusive debt collectors for harassment?

Constant harassment from debt collectors is a top source of anxiety for many Americans. The debt combined with abusive collection practices could even lead to a stress disorder.

You may know you have rights but are unsure what you can and cannot do when the harassment is abusive. Yes, you may be eligible to sue abusive debt collectors but make sure that is the right remedy before initiating a lawsuit.

What constitutes abusive collection tactics?

Creditors have the right to contact debtors and try to collect valid debts consumers owe. However, collection agencies and other collectors do not have carte blanche to treat people poorly. If you aren’t sure whether debt collectors are going too far to obtain payment from you, here are some examples of abusive tactics:

  • Misrepresenting themselves
  • Lying about the total owed
  • Threatening arrest

Specific actions creditors may not take include the following.

  • Call continuously or repeatedly
  • Call your work when asked not to
  • Use profanity or abusive language
  • Speak about your debt with others

If you are still unsure whether you have grounds to file a lawsuit, it might be time to speak with a legal professional for clarity. Another benefit of early representation is that it empowers you to explore all possible remedies and legal options.

What is the downside of suing a debt collector?

You might lose your case, which could worsen your economic circumstances. For example, you may have to cover the debt collector’s legal fees on top of what you originally owed them. If you remain committed to filing a lawsuit, make sure you understand federal and Minnesota consumer laws.

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