Can you stop unwanted robocalls for good?

Are you tired of the numerous robocalls you get every day? You’re not alone. In March 2023 alone, Americans received 5.93 billion robocalls, which is approximately 22 spam calls per every person in the U.S. 

While not all robocalls are designed to take your personal information and money, it doesn’t mean they are not annoying. In addition, a robocall doesn’t have to be scam-related to become illegal. For example, if you receive robocalls at odd hours, frequent calls about the same thing or robocalls with offensive messages, this may be harassment, which is illegal. 

How to stop robocalls

While there is no way to stop robocalls, you can take some steps to reduce the number of calls you receive. Below are some important steps you can take:

Register your phone on the National Do Not Call Registry

The first step to stop unwanted robocalls is to sign up free of charge at the National Do Not Call Registry. Real telemarketers consult the list before making robocalls to avoid calling numbers on the list. Therefore, by adding your number, you can reduce the number of unwanted telemarketing robocalls. 

Use your carrier’s robocall-blocking services

While the National Do Not Call Registry can help prevent unwanted calls from telemarketers, it won’t prevent scammers from calling you. Fortunately, most phone carriers have robocall blockers that automatically recognize and block robocalls. 

Install third-party call blocker apps

If your phone carrier doesn’t offer a service that can help to limit the number of robocalls you get, you can download a third-party call blocker application. These apps use different methods to identify and block robocalls. For example, some will block numbers that have made several calls within a short time since they’re most likely robocalls. Therefore, by using a robocall blocking application, you will not only be helping yourself but other callers as well.

If you’re receiving numerous robocalls from telemarketers and scammers, the above tips can help you reduce the number of calls. However, if some of these calls are still getting to you, seeking legal assistance may help stop these calls and obtain compensation.  

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