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On Behalf of | Jul 21, 2017 | Asset Forfeiture

If you ever had your vehicle repossessed for non-payment, you know how frustrating it can be. The proliferation of repo reality shows may make for entertaining television, but in real life, repossession of a person’s vehicle is traumatic — and sometimes illegal.

There are legitimate repossession companies out there that play by the books, but there are also shady operations that fly by the seat of their pants, too. It can be difficult — if not impossible — to know in the heat of the moment the type with which you are dealing.

Just as consumers have rules that they must follow regarding making timely payments on the vehicles they signed on the dotted line to purchase, the same holds true for those in the business of repossessing those vehicles.

Lenders can’t routinely accept late car or truck payments from consumers and then suddenly show up with a tow truck or car carrier and haul away their vehicles without formally notifying the registered owners. If this happens, it is a flagrant sign of a wrongful repossession.

If you are a resident of southeast Minnesota who is unsure whether or not your vehicle repossession falls into the legitimate category, the legal professionals at the Consumer Justice Center in Vadnais Heights can help to clarify your particular situation for you.

If we find that the vehicle repossession was indeed handled outside of the law, we can take the necessary steps to legally return your repossessed vehicle to your control and custody.

Don’t lose a job or allow your life to be otherwise negatively impacted from an illegal vehicle seizure. Call today to begin the process of getting you back out onto the road.

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