Taking action if you receive sales calls after opting out

One of the most irritating aspects of modern technology is the various forms of advertising that comes with it. From constant sales emails to website banners, one of the most pervasive sales techniques continues to be telemarketing calls. These have the potential to be harassing because you cannot simply ignore a constantly ringing telephone.

This is why the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) was put into place in 1992. The act includes many different regulations that telemarketing companies must follow at all times. This includes them only being able to call at sociable hours and having the legal duty to provide their name as well as the contact information of the company on whose behalf they are calling. They also have the responsibility to refrain from calling you again if you have chosen to opt out of calls from that company or if you have registered on the Do Not Call list.

What can I do if I continue to get calls after I have opted out of them?

If you are registered on the Do Not Call list or if you have specifically asked to not be called by a certain caller, it will be infuriating if you continue to get calls from them. Remember that charities and political parties have the right to continue calling as long as they do not harass you. If the caller in question is neither of these, then you will likely have the right to start legal action against them.

It is important to stand up for your right to be free from telemarketer harassment in the state of Minnesota.

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