There have already been 10 billion robocalls this year

Do you feel like you’re getting more robocalls this year than you have in the past? Every time you see an unknown number pop up on the screen, do you just assume that it is a robotic service trying to sell you something?

You’re not alone. A lot of people have complained about a rise in robocalls lately, and statistics show that there have already been in excess of 10 billion of these calls in the United States — and that’s just for 2019.

According to some reports, about a third of the calls that you get will probably be from one of these telemarketing robots. They know that people use their phones for all sorts of things, from browsing social media to taking pictures, and so they target these devices constantly. Experts advise that you simply never answer unless you already have the number. If it’s someone you wanted to talk to, they can leave you a message.

Police warn that not all of these robocalls are telemarketers. Many are scammers. They often focus on contacting elderly individuals, who may be more open to their scams.

“The ones that bother me most are the threatening ones or people representing law enforcement agencies, tax debt collectors, IRS people,” said one police officer. “Basically saying on a recorded line, saying we’ve got your house surrounded, we’re coming to get you.”

That’s at least how it feels during some of these calls, which put you in financial danger and may violate your rights. If they do, make sure you fully understand all of the legal steps you can take.

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