What is the National Do Not Call Registry?

There is nothing more frustrating than receiving one telemarketing phone call after the next. Many people receive as many as 10 calls per day.

If you find yourself in this position, the National Do Not Call Registry may be able to help. You can register online or via phone and get your number on the registry the next business day. While it doesn’t take long to add your number to the National Do Not Call Registry, it can take up to 31 days for calls to stop.

Does the National Do Not Call Registry stop all unwanted calls?

Unfortunately, the National Do Not Call Registry does not stop sales calls from legitimate companies. Instead, it’s a registry that tells telemarketers which numbers they are not permitted to call. The registry has no power to stop calls from scammers and companies that ignore it.

Furthermore, if your number is on the National Do Not Call Registry, you may still receive calls for:

  • Debt collection
  • Surveys
  • Political calls
  • Charitable calls
  • Information calls

However, these calls are not permitted to include any form of sales language.

If you have reason to believe a telemarketer has invaded your privacy, it’s time to learn more about your legal rights. Simply hoping that things will get better in the future is not a strategy you want to rely on.

Depending on the details surrounding your claim, you may be able to seek compensation from the telemarketing company. Doing so starts with a better understanding of your legal rights and the steps you can take to protect them.

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