Landmark medical consumer protection law takes effect in 2022

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Residents of Vadnais Heights and the Twin Cities area of Minnesota may want to know more about new protection for consumers when it comes to medical billing. Health care sticker shock has been a popular subject on social media as surprise bills land in the mailbox of those who receive emergency care. Going to an out-of-network provider can cause more pain than the original medical problem.

This will be remedied in 2022 when the No Surprises Act goes into effect on January 1. It will help those who do not have a lot of savings when it comes to receiving large surprise medical bills.

The “No Surprises Act” will forbid large billing

The Act will not allow out-of-network providers to send large bills. This applies to individuals who did not choose who was providing their care during an emergency.

Bills no longer sent to collections early on

When you have a medical bill that is under review, the medical office cannot send your bill to collections. This is part of this new consumer protection law.

Reasonable rates are the goal

This law is trying to create reasonable fees. It bases what is charged on average contracted rates in a community.

Surprise billing helps companies increase profit

Consumers need protection. At present, more emergency rooms have a staff of contracted specialists from private equity firms. They use this surprise billing as a way to make larger profits.

What about ambulances?

This Act will cover air-ambulance services from out-of-pocket providers. However, it leaves out ground transportation for the patient. He or she will still have to pay for an ambulance or other ground transportation with the 911 call.

The pain of large surprise medical bills for emergencies gets some healing in 2022. It is with the No Surprises Act.

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