Remedies for a wrongful repossession

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Minnesota residents who fall behind on certain bills such as auto loans may have had an unpleasant visit from repo agents. It’s important to remember that repo services aren’t part of the police or the government. There are laws that repo agents have to follow, and during some instances, people can sue a repo company for damages. Under consumer protection laws, people have several options when dealing with a wrongful repossession.

Breach of peace

Sometimes repo agents use awful and shady tactics to intimidate a person and repossess the property. Tactics that repo agents may use include bullying, threatening and physically assaulting people. Depending on the circumstances, consumer protection laws allow lawsuits to be filed. The grounds can include breach of peace, harassment, assault and battery, and stalking.

Damage to property

Repo agents aren’t professional movers, and they tend to rush through their tasks. There may be collateral damage while they are repossessing the property they came for. A person can sue a repo agent for damage to property while on the job.

Impersonating a police officer

Repo agents may pretend to be authorities of the law to intimidate people. Sometimes they may even impersonate an officer, which is a crime. Any repo agent that tries illegal tactics may be liable. A person can sue a shady repo agent with a civil lawsuit for damages.

Wrongful repossession

People dealing with a wrongful vehicle repossession may bring a lawsuit against the company and lender. They should get witness statements and the police report. Photographs of the scene and any property damage will help the case. Try to take a video of interactions with police officers and the repo agents.

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