3 things debt collectors can’t do

Knowing that you owe a company money is a difficult situation to be in. The last thing that you probably want to happen is that they start collection attempts. While many debt collectors comply with laws regarding collection attempts, others are unscrupulous.

Debt collectors have to abide by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. This outlines some very specific things that they can and can’t do. These are three things that debt collectors aren’t allowed to do.

Divulge your debt to others

Debt collectors aren’t allowed to tell others about your debt. They can’t provide any information to your family members, friends, employer, neighbors or anyone else. They’re only allowed to call each third party once. If they’re trying to find out how they can contact you, they ask people for that information but they can’t reveal anything about the debt or that they are debt collectors.

Visit your place of business

Debt collectors can’t visit your workplace because their presence there is considered making your debt public. They’re allowed to call you there unless you tell them that they can’t.

Harass you

Creditors can’t constantly call you or harass you. This includes making threats of bodily harm. They can’t claim that you’ll be arrested if you don’t pay them. Additionally, they can’t use obscene language or make empty threats about suing you. They can only say they’re taking legal action if they’re doing it.

Debt collectors must comply with the terms of the FDCPA. When they don’t, you can file legal action against them. Working with someone who’s familiar with debt collection laws and limitations can help you to ensure your rights are protected.  


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