Common questions about fair credit reporting

If you recently applied for a job or a loan only to be denied the opportunity because of an incorrect or outdated credit report, you understand the frustration that this brings. As a consumer, you have little control over what a credit report says about you, but credit reporting companies have the legal responsibility to report correctly.

If you suffered damages as a result of an incorrect credit report, it is important to understand your consumer rights. The following are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding fair credit reporting rights.

What can I do if I notice an incorrect detail on my credit report?

If you notice a detail that you believe is incorrect on your credit report, you have the right to dispute it. This can be done by making a report to the credit-reporting agency.

Does the credit-reporting agency need to fix the error?

If you dispute a detail, the credit-reporting agency must look into the alleged error and make sure it is correct or deleted within 30 days of the dispute.

Can businesses view my credit report without my knowledge?

If a business or individual wants to view your credit report, you have the right to know this before they access the information. The business or individual also needs to provide you information about the credit reporting agency that provided the information.

It is important for Vadnais Heights consumers to stand up for their rights under federal and Minnesota laws if they suffered negative consequences of an inaccurate credit report. A consumer’s rights attorney may be able to assist you in pursuing financial compensation for your losses.

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