What can lead to identity theft?

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There are many forms of consumer fraud. One of them is identity theft.

Identity theft, broadly speaking, is when someone takes another person’s personal information for their own use. For example, they may use someone’s Social Security number or a credit card number. Many people who commit identity theft do it because they’re able to use the stolen information to take money, open credit card accounts, file tax returns and commit insurance fraud.

There are several methods people use to commit identity theft. Here are just a few.

Data breach

Most people’s personal information is available online. This makes it easy for them to use their information when applying for bank accounts or credit and debit cards or when they’re making online purchases.

People often have some personal information in their employer’s system. However, there’s always the chance that an organization or website can suffer a data breach. A data breach is one way that method that those who engage in identity theft can access other people’s personal online information.


Another way people can access others’ online information is by using malware. Malware is a sort of digital bug that can be secretly downloaded onto people’s laptops and phones. Essentially, the malware extracts people’s account information and sends it back to the person committing identity fraud.

Credit and debit card theft

One of the simplest forms of identity theft happens when someone steals a credit or debit card. By using this card, thieves may be able to make purchases under the guise of the owner. While this can occur when someone loses a physical card, in some cases, a data breach and malware may also reveal someone’s credit and debit card information.

If you believe you’re the victim of identity theft, then you may need to be aware of your legal rights.

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