Your rights if a trip is misrepresented

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The misrepresentation of goods doesn’t just apply to physical goods. It can also apply to trips and other package deals that you can buy. These are often enticing to buyers because of the low prices.

The issue, of course, is when the price is only so low because you don’t get what was advertised.

For example, what if you were told that you were going to stay in a hotel. You knew it wasn’t going to be a five-star hotel, but you still expected a level of quality. Upon arrival, thousands of miles from home, you found out it was just a little room connected to someone’s house, and your whole family didn’t even have enough room to sleep, let alone relax.

Or, what if the package deal was supposed to include guided tours. After you arrived, though, the company just dumped you off at your accommodations and seemingly forgot about you. They were three hours late for the first guided tour and then cancelled the second one entirely.

The problem is that you only picked the package deal because it told you that you were buying far more. You considered the hotel and the tours when agreeing on the price. Taking those things away from you and still charging you the same price means you were (perhaps intentionally) misled. The product you got was not the one you agreed to buy, even though you technically got to go on your trip.

When this happens, don’t assume there is nothing you can do. Make sure you know all of the legal options you have, just as you would when buying a physical product due to false advertising.

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