Cribs and child seats that might be a danger to your child

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Many products have been available to the public before it was realized that they pose a health risk to young children. Amid these findings, dangerous products are routinely subject to recalls and those affected by the danger often engage in class action lawsuits.

However, you may unknowingly own a crib or child seat in your home that has been recalled and the danger may still persist in your home. The following are some common cribs and seats that have been shown to be dangerous to young children.

Bumbo baby seats

Bumbo baby seats were a brand that was introduced to the United States market in 2003. They were designed to support very young children before they could sit up by themselves. However, this design presented a very severe danger to children, and in some cases caused fractured skulls.

Nap Nanny

Nap Nanny was a similar type of seat that was supposed to aid babies in napping, as an alternative to a crib. However, there have been reports of six babies dying in the seats because they fell out of position or because they were strangled by the harness.

Simplicity bassinets and cribs

Simplicity cribs were a very popular choice for new parents at one point. However, after they reached success in sales, it was found that their design was to blame for the death of 13 babies, due to the fact that they could fall down the side.

If you have any product that you believe may be dangerous or should not be on the market, you should look into whether any class action lawsuits exist, and consider taking action.

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