Why was my car wrongfully repossessed and what can I do about it?

On Behalf of | Feb 15, 2019 | Wrongful Repossession

Many of us have come to rely on using our car to get our kids to school, to work, to the store or anywhere else we may need to go. While it may be inconvenient if it happens, it’s understandable if our car gets repossessed because we fall behind in making payments on it. What can be extremely frustrating though is if it gets picked up by the repo man in error.

If you don’t think that it’s possible for a car to be wrongfully repossessed, then simply ask around a bit. You’ll likely find someone who will say that this has happened to them.

Some of the more common reasons that this occurs is because of computer glitches or clerical errors. Unlawful repossessions also occur simply because the repo man picks up the wrong car.

Most lenders will require you to take out full coverage on your vehicle to comply with the terms of your loan. If you switch insurance companies and they don’t receive notification of the change from you or your insurer, then they may attempt to repossess your vehicle because they don’t show that you have coverage.

You may also be timely in making payments and not have missed one, yet their software may have a glitch or a bug saying that you’re behind on them. If this occurs and they don’t catch it, then your Minnesota vehicle may be wrongfully repossessed.

If your car is unlawfully picked up by a Vadnais Heights repo man, then the best course of action that you can pursue is to reach out to a wrongful repossession attorney. They’ll advise you of how to get your car back and how to have it removed from your credit report. They can also let you know of your right to recover compensation for damages that you incurred from not having access to your vehicle for a period of time.

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