You may soon have a year to pay off your medical debts

A United States Senator from Oregon introduced a proposed amendment to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) on May 21. If passed, then all creditors would be required to wait one-year before adding any patient’s medical debts to their consumer credit report. The Medical Debt Relief Act of 2019, would also require creditors to remove settled or paid debts from their credit reports as well.

The same legislator that is proposing this bill had previously introduced a 180-day waiting period under the Medical Debt Relief Act back in 2018.

This bill’s author was recently asked why his fellow legislators should support this latest version of it.

He noted that delaying putting the information on an individual’s credit report allows debtors time to negotiate with their creditors. He noted that it gives them a chance to speak with their insurance company about covering the bill or for them to qualify for financial assistance to do so.

The Republican author of the bill has since been joined by several Democratic senators who also support the proposed legislation.

ACA International is a non-profit organization that claims to support ethical debt collection practices among creditors. They first polled their members about how they felt about the 180-day rule soon after the passing of the 2018 bill. They continue to assess how this and the latest proposal will ensure that consumers aren’t unnecessarily penalized when they’re actively trying to bring an account current.

One reason why Vadnais Heights and other Minnesota residents end up having to file for bankruptcy is that they’re drowning in medical debt. Debtors who are concerned about the tactics that their creditors have used to motivate them to pay their debts should consult with a Fair Credit Reporting Act attorney. They can advise you how to fight unfair credit reports including getting errors on them removed.

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