Are debt collectors allowed to call me at work or at any time of day?

When someone has a considerable amount of debt, they are likely to be under a lot of stress and pressure. Trying to make ends meet while also keeping up on bills is never easy, but harassing debt collectors does not make things any easier.

Debt collectors will try everything in their power to get a debtor to pay them, but they need to make sure they are obeying debt collector laws as well. But what do these laws say about calling a debtor throughout the day?

The rules of debt collection

Debt collectors cannot participate in any form of collection practice that is deceptive or harassing toward a debtor. Debt collection laws allow a collector to call a debtor at the debtor’s place of work, but with a catch. If the debtor tells the collector that they cannot call them at their job, they must obey those wishes and stop calling them at work.

A debt collector also cannot call you at any hour of the day. A collector can try to get in contact with you during standard business hours, which usually means between 8:00 AM and 9:00 PM in local time zones, but the time range can vary from state to state. When a collector regularly calls you at your workplace despite you telling them not to, or they are continually calling you outside of permitted hours, you can take action to put a stop to it.

Contact an attorney for help

An experienced attorney who is familiar with The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act can act on your behalf to contact these collectors and put a stop to their harassment. If debt collectors continue with this harassment, you may be able to pursue a claim against them. Remember that debtors also have rights, and if you believe a debt collector is infringing upon your rights, contact an attorney immediately.

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