Former senator challenges ringless voicemail box robocall laws

Telemarketing calls are a common complaint among many residents of Minnesota. The Telephone Consumer Protection Act has tried to protect individuals by prohibiting both prerecorded and autodialed calls. However, delivering voicemails to a ringless voicemail box is a grey area. David Perdue, a former Georgia senator, has asked for clarity about the matter after being subject to a lawsuit. Here’s more information about the petition that he’s brought forth to the Federal Communications Commission.

Information about the petition

A Georgia voter filed a lawsuit against Perdue in July. In this lawsuit, the voter alleges that he received a message he didn’t consent to when Perdue was running for senate. Perdue claims that this voicemail doesn’t fall under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act against unsolicited robocalls, so the lawsuit is invalid.

Possible ramifications of it

If it’s found that Perdue didn’t violate the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, this could open the door for more companies and politicians inundating ringless voicemail boxes with messages. Many individuals are not happy about this as they feel that they already receive too many of these types of messages. If it’s found that Perdue was in the wrong, then he could have to pay thousands of dollars to not only the person who filed the lawsuit but also anyone else who brings their own lawsuit against him for receiving voicemail messages from Perdue’s campaign without their consent. It may take some time for the Federal Communications Commission to weigh in on this matter.

If you have received telemarketing voicemail calls and messages that are prohibited, you may want to consider talking to an attorney. A legal professional may help you figure out whether you should take the sender to court.

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